Brother’s Ministry

The band of brotherhood molded through the belief in Christ Jesus strives to affect lives by bringing the gospel across to the nation.


Our Objective is ;

– Train young men to become good teachers and preachers of the gospel.
-Have workshops to have a deeper study of the bible.
-Reach the entire nation by effectively evangelizing the word
-Build a great brotherly love relationship.


The Mt. Zion Brother’ s Ministry was formed approximately six (6) years ago. During which time, the Mt. Zion Brother’s Ministry has been run by several  driven, passionate and capable leaders. Nonetheless, our common goal has been to encourage deeper study of the word of God among all young men,  many fasting,and prayer gatherings, all in an effort to fortify the brotherhood among our collection of talented and growing men, for the gospel’s sake. We have dedicated our time and energy to our monthly prayer group sessions every second Sabbath from 6pm-12am. Bi-monthly fasting, which we gather to every second Sunday of that consecutive month. Additionally, we devote our time to educate, inspire and encourage each other through our weekly Thursday Bible Study.  During our yearly service, the Brother’s have scheduled Brother’s Special Sabbath, annually on the second Sabbath in June. We the brothers at the Mt. Zion  Church of God place great emphasis on unity for the good of Christ’s  church.


We pray that you feel welcomed in an atmosphere of love, humility and humbleness with your next visit to our Church!

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