Teens Ministry

At the moment, our teens ministry is a secular group while involved with the Youth Ministry, still stands on it’s own. The objective of the Teen Ministry is to keep the young teens together by teaching them how to become better individuals for themselves, and by showing them that God has plans for them, and their future. The Teen Ministry stands to mold, shape and fashion our teens into role models and God-fearing individuals for the world tomorrow. We also encourage socialization with each other through various activities and programs.

Our Mission Statement to our Teens is :

You cannot always build the future for the youth, but you can build the youths for the future!

Our many past events hosted include;

-Fastings and Night in prayers

-Poem Night

-Sunday Scott Mission Volunteering


-Pioneer Village/Black Creek

Parent Appreciation Dinners

-Social outings..


We pray that you are energized and inspired by the vigor our our teens to worship the Lord God Almighty!!

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