Women Ministry

The Women’s Ministry of the Mt. Zion Church has taken great care in ensuring that whatever assistance that is required to continue the successful run of the house of the Lord is done in humility, grace and love. Our Objective is to educate the many women of our church so that they may know, understand and fulfill their purpose as God-fearing women.

We believe our mission going forward is fostering virtuous women through together together with one mind, one understand and love!

Our ministry is here to organize monthly prayer session and forum where the older women may share and teach the young married and unmarried likewise. We cater to the meal service provided every Sabbath, many special occasions and other major events through volunteering efforts of our dedicated women. Activities are put in place for our teens, pre-teens and children alike. Our widows and our sick are attended to, also, Workshops, lectures and seminars are organized, to encourage and educate our women on modesty, healthy living and household management.

We have held many past events some of which are;

-Fasting and Prayer Sessions

-Sister’s Special Sabbath

-Social outings (bowling, adventure trips)


-Scott Mission Volunteering

-Movie Nights

-Church Brunches

-Nutritional Sabbaths

-Craft Workshops

-Literary Class

-Visitation to the sick and widows

the alloted list of activities are recurring through our monthly quarter. We encourage you to visit our church for spiritual upliftment and encouragement through healthy, loving friendship among our saints.

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