Youth Ministry

Our Ministry is made up of a collection of vibrant, passionate, driven, talented and intellectual array of individuals. Our objective is educate our youths in the word of Almighty God. Providing direction to live holy and use our talent for the glory of God, and most importantly fostering unity among the youths.

Over the many years that the Mt Zion Youth has been constructed we have celebrated many great achievements such as;

-Our Annual Summer Picnic

-Volunteering through the community with Sandwich Runs and Scott Mission

-Youth Month (This month is dedicated to inspire, encourage and strengthen our youths through many activities, guest speakers, fun outings, prayer and fasting)

-Organize annual poem/talent events. Providing the opputunity for teens to participate in church to express their various talents.

-Regular night in prayers/fasting for the youths and teens.

-Many Social activities for the youths and teens.

-Missionary Missions through the community.

-Organize seminars/lectures/workshops/youth camps to educate and motivate the youths and teens


We brand together, through the knowledge that Jesus Christ, our Heavenly Intercessor is the everlasting Son of God. Through him, we are able to have one mind, one heart, one vision to uplift His name. We lean on one another for comfort, friendship, humility, love, knowledge, wisdom and correction. We are determined to cause a great change throughout this generation by displaying the Christlike attitude which demonstrates love, forgiveness, patience, compassion and strength.

We pray that you may visit us in the near future, and are blessed by our display of devotion and dedication to our Lord God Almighty.